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G DATA achieved outstanding result for protection against real-time threats


04/29/2016 | BOCHUM  Independent test lab AV-Comparatives test security solutions for their protection against the latest real-time threats. For the test, the Real-Time Threat List (RTTL) of Anti Malware Standard Testing Organization (AMTSO) was used. This list is a collection of actual real-time threats and contains 253 malware samples. In the comparison test, 29 security solutions were tested for their ability to detect this malware. G DATA Internet Security achieved an outstanding result.


Test details:

  • Security solutions tested: 29, including G DATA Internet Security
  • Number of malware instances in test: 253
  • Conducted by: AV-Comparatives in collaboration with the AMTSO


AMTSO is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation. Members are academics, IT-Security vendors, reviewers and testers.

gdata-internet-securitySeamless protection: G DATA Internet Security

G DATA Internet Security reliably provides protection for the PC and personal data – with the best protection against viruses, keyloggers, exploits and Trojans plus a powerful firewall. It means that Internet users have the best protection against every danger – whether they are carrying out online banking transactions, shopping or surfing. And with parental controls, even younger users are protected effectively as they surf the Internet.


Top features at a glance

  • Best protection against viruses and other malware
  • Instant protection for emails, also with SSL encryption
  • Exploit protection blocks malware that exploits vulnerabilities in your software
  • Keylogger protection: automated, signature-independent real-time protection
  • Secure online banking and shopping thanks to the BankGuard technology
  • Protection against hacking via a firewall
  • Free customer support 24/7/365

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73 percent of Internet users carry out their financial transactions online (source: Bitkom). In 2014, the German Federal Criminal Police Office recorded 6,984 cases of phishing related to online banking – an increase of 70.5 percent (2013: 4,096 cases). G DATA SecurityLabs’ Malware Report for the first half of 2015 also observes a growing number of thwarted attacks in this field. Since 2011, the G DATA BankGuard technology, integrated into all G DATA security solutions, has averted potential losses worth over 100 million euros for online banking and shopping customers. For 2015, the experts are expecting an increase in the number of attacks by banking Trojans. The G DATA Malware Report is available online. Read more